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What's BTT All About?
Breakingthetape.com is designed as an online fitness one stop host. We were tired using different applications to track workouts, blog about them, analyze them, map them and display them. So, rather than wait for something to be developed, we decided to host all of your technological fitness needs in one place. BTT offers blog hosting, workout tracking, mapping links, analysis tools and creative ways to display your workout information in the body of your blog entries.

  • Add workouts including time, location, workout type, weather, notes, etc. Pace is calculated automatically and values are stored to allow the athlete to display their data in imperial or metric format.
  • Include gMaps pedometer links to your workouts, or upload an XML document (coming soon!) from your favorite GPS and have gMaps map it for you.
  • Graph your sports, workouts, routes and distances in numerous ways. A number geek's wildest dream!
  • Drop easy to use scripts into the sidebars of your blog to show accumulated distance, projected race paces or into the body of a blog entry to show your last workout.

    Join us today, and get started tracking your workouts and displaying them the way that YOU want!
  • Recent Workouts
    Running by Mark
    Tue, Jan 30
    10.25 Miles
    Walking by Erin
    Tue, Jan 30
    4.45 Miles
    Running by Al
    Tue, Jan 30
    1.31 Miles
    Running by Mark
    Mon, Jan 29
    8.32 Miles
    Cycling by will
    Mon, Jan 29
    30.00 Miles
    Running by will
    Mon, Jan 29
    15.00 Miles
    Running by Doug
    Sun, Jan 28
    3.30 Miles
    Running by Mark
    Sat, Jan 27
    8.25 Miles