Recap: December 2013

December 2 – 8

  • Monday: inactive rest, sore from Saturday’s race
  • Tuesday: recumbent bike 45:00
  • Wednesday: inactive rest
  • Thursday: recumbent bike 60:00
  • Friday: treadmill @ 1% (really cold outside). I bought a footpod to wear with my Garmin, and was not impressed with the results.
    walk WU | 0.22 miles | 5:00
    3.22 miles | 30:00 | 9:19/mi.
    walk CD | 0.31 miles | 5:00
     photo 72318ac5-5593-450c-a478-14f5b3a59f73_zps2af335ef.jpg
  • Saturday: inactive rest. Went to the running store, and finally purchased a pair of Yaktrak. Hard to believe that it took 10 years of living in Minnesota to finally buy a pair.
     photo 95d4c72f-eff1-4ff3-9e39-f5fbc0118197_zps0e00d18d.jpg
  • Sunday: Snowing, sub-zero windchill, single digit air temps. Not enough snow to test the Yaktrax.
    6.02 miles | 1:00:00 | 9:58/mi.

December 9 – 15

  • Monday: recumbent bike 60:00. Cold and shitty outside, didn’t feel up to it or treadmill.
  • Tuesday: recumbent bike 60:00
  • Wednesday: treadmill @ 1% | 4.10 miles | 38:00 | 9:16/mi.
  • Thursday: inactive rest
  • Friday: 4.04 miles | 38:00 | 9:24/mi. Outside.
  • Saturday: 12.02 miles | 2:01:13 | 10:05/mi. Snowing, so got to wear Yaktrax for the first time. About 12 degrees with a “feels like” temp of 5. I passed a group of Marines out doing a training run, and a lot of them lacked hats or gloves. Felt kind of bad for them.
  • Sunday: inactive rest

December 16 – 22
Came down with either food poisoning or a stomach flu on Tuesday, and was pretty much down for the week. Managed to run on Sunday outside (3.05 miles | 30:21 | 9:57/mi.)

December 23 – 29
Was busy with Christmas at the beginning of the week, and only got in 2 30-minute runs at the end of the week.

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Recap: November 2013

My last real post on here was just after Mankato a full year ago, and a lot of things have happened since then. So I’m going to try to recap some of the events of the last year before they completely disappear from my memory. Some of these months might be a little boring ….

I followed up Mankato by not running until the next Sunday. The second week, my legs felt better and I was able to run 3, 6 and 10 miles.

The next week, I attempted a tempo (6.84 miles w/2 easy, 3 faster (8:21, 8:15, 7:51), easy to finish) and a quick-paced 7 mile (8:49/mi) lunch run. I finished out that week with a 2 hour run (13.32, 9:01/mi). Felt pleased to be back up in that range.

The following week, I continued with the 3 days of running – two 7s (8:48/mi and 9:07/mi) and 15 (9:08/mi). For the long run, I ran one of the hillier routes from my house. I was able to run in shorts, but it started raining around mile 6 and that wasn’t too fun.

I wish I could remember why I didn’t have a long run that next week, and only ran ~4.5 at lunch (9:10/mi) and 5 (1 easy, 8:16, 8:13, 8:14, 1 easy) after work. We probably had something going on Saturday, and I worked that Sunday in preparation to be gone for Thanksgiving.

Next up was the week of Thanksgiving, where we were out of town Wednesday-Sunday. I ran 4 (8:56/mi) on my treadmill the day before we left because there were 41 mph gusts outside – no thanks. On Thanksgiving, I ran 4 as an impromptu progression run (8:55, 8:50, 8:24, 8:03).

Like last year, my husband was not in favor of my running a race on actual Thanksgiving (understandable). However, I found that there was a HM on Saturday, and he didn’t see a problem with that. I waffled on whether or not I was going to do the race, and finally decided it was a go on Friday. I probably wouldn’t have run hard on Thursday had I been planning on the race, but oh well.

 photo 97e80962-5004-4fad-9fec-743828f9185d_zpsa73b2bdf.jpg

From Daily Mile:

Had been thinking about this for awhile, but finally committed yesterday. Went into it hoping to be able to run 8:15s and beat my Med City time (1:48), but wasn’t sure what I would be able to do only 6 weeks out from Mankato and on reduced mileage.
Was surprised to come through the mile in 8:03, but it felt okay so I tried to hang on. I felt mostly okay through 7 miles and then started to fall apart a bit. Those 8:2x miles felt like I was running through quicksand. I did pull it back together some for the last mile, and ran in strong. The last 1/4 mile was on grass – I seriously said “OH MY GOD” when I saw that because who finishes a half on grass??

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10 year blogiversary

On January 3, 2004, I signed up for a Blogger account and posted on a blog that eventually came to be named Ugly Toes.  Over the last 10 years, I’ve written 892 posts on a blog that has spanned 3 hosts (blogger, movable type, breaking the tape).  Between January 3, 2004 and January 3, 2014 I also:

Ran 8395.06 miles

Ran 45 races, including:

  • 4 marathons (3:36 PR)
  • 7 half marathons (1:36 PR)
  • 3 20ks (1:36 PR)
  • 2 15ks (1:11 PR)
  • 7 10ks (43:27 PR)
  • 5 4-mile races (27:37 PR)
  • 6 5ks (20:42 PR)

Suffered my first real running injury, an IT Band issue that popped up during marathon #3.

Got my first post-college job.

Got a border collie, my first pet ever.

Went to Hawaii.

Got pregnant for the first time after months of trying. Ran the entire pregnancy, including the day my daughter was born. Endured back labor without drugs and gave birth to a 7lb 6oz baby.

Changed jobs, while staying at the same company.

Ran with a BOB Ironman, including a 10 mile run where I chicked a guy on a hill.

Got pregnant a second time. Ran up to 28 weeks, including running a half marathon at 14 weeks. Had a very fast, unmedicated labor and gave birth to a 10lb 2oz baby.

Had a 15-month hiatus from running due to a baby that didn’t sleep.

Got back into running, only to sustain a hip injury.

Celebrated my 10th wedding anniversary.

Ran my first marathon in 7 years, first post-kids.

And many other things …. been a good 10 years.

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