Race Report: Rochester 1/2 Marathon

Eastwood Bank Rochester Half Marathon
August 23, 2013

Warm, humid

It started raining as I was driving to the race site, but I wasn’t too fazed by that. I had seen thunderstorms in the forecast, so I had brought a hat with me. It lightly rained during my brief 1/2 mile warmup, but stopped by the time the race started.

My goal for this race was to improve on my Med City finish (1:48) and to use the result as a check if my marathon thoughts were reasonable. I had a plan to try and run as close to 8:00 (1:45 pace), but had a thought that it might be possible to run in the 7:50s.

I debated bringing my handheld, but decided to skip it since there were supposed to be water stops every 2 miles. I got by just fine with the same interval of water stops at Med City. I also neglected to bring calories (beans, gels, etc) because I hadn’t used any at Med City.


I feel like I got off to good start. Had a bit of an issue with a side stitch, but I tried to relax and remind myself that everything felt fine. First water stop was at 1.5 miles, and I did grab a cup since I hadn’t had anything to drink since getting up that morning. (Mistake). I also took water at the second water stop, which was around 3.5-3.75 miles.


So you hit mile 4 and then immediately run up a steep hill. I had expected to lose up to 30 seconds on this mile, and was pleased to not have lost too much time. I was working on maintaining form heading up the hill, and not trying to attack too hard (wasted energy). A man started to pass me as we were maybe 1/2 way up, and I used him to help push me to the top. I felt like puking at the top of the hill, which was a little alarming. We got to coast a bit at the top of the hill, and then ran down the other side. I tried to use that downhill as recovery and to get back on track. But as we headed into the next mile, I just felt like I couldn’t get going.


This is about where I started cursing my decision to not bring water because we didn’t get a water stop until about 7.25 miles. Passed a volunteer slightly after the 1/2 mark (54:40) and I got confirmation that one was coming up. I walked through the water stop and took both water and Gatorade in the hopes it would help.


Started being passed by people, tried to go with but felt like I was running in quicksand. Walked through the next water stop and took both drinks again. Occasionally had thoughts of asking other runners for either water or calories.


The phrase “soul crushing” came to mind towards the end of this race. I felt absolutely terrible. I walked through the last water stop, and was passed by my Race Twin from a couple of weeks ago shortly after. I just could not will my legs to go any faster, and I felt like I was in danger of puking a couple of times. I also felt like I might have stopped sweating, but I was so soaked from the humidity that it was hard to tell.

The best part of the race came as we neared the finish and I saw that my husband and my girls were there. Even though I was running like crap, I was really happy to get to see them.

Finished the race, and tried to go find water. I feel like I was kind of weaving a bit. I drank 2 20-oz Gatorades in pretty quick fashion, and then really felt like puking. Also noticed at one point that I was getting goosebumps even though it was warm and sunny. Got that to pass and then went to find the chocolate milk I spied others with. Pretty sure I was really dehydrated, so I’m really peeved with myself for not bringing my own water.

1 | 8:02
2 | 8:01 | 16:03
3 | 8:07 | 24:10
4 | 8:11 | 32:22
5 | 8:19 | 40:42
6 | 8:15 | 48:57
7 | 8:31 | 57:29
8 | 8:51 | 1:06:20 water stop
9 | 8:44 | 1:15:04
10 | 9:16 | 1:24:21 water stop
11 | 9:05 | 1:33:26
12 | 9:11 | 1:42:37 water stop
13 | 9:01 | 1:51:39
1:52:30 | 8:35/mi.

Race History
2006 – 1:36:12
2010 – no report, 2:14:48 (14 weeks pregnant)
2012 – 2:04:19

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