Race Report: Women’s Race

Rochester Women’s Race
4 miles
July 27, 2013 – 8:30 am

54 degrees | partly cloudy | 9 MPH NNW

I have not run the Women’s Race since 2008, the year that DD1 was born, so I was looking forward to returning this year. In addition to it being a nice race, I was also looking forward to seeing the effects of the track work I’ve been doing.

It was COLD. This race is always hot and humid, so waking up to 50-degree weather was just bizarre. I brought both a tanktop and a shirt with me to the race site, and decided that it was maybe a little too chilly for no sleeves. I ran a 2 mile warmup – and got attacked by a bird on the south side of the lake! We have these awful black birds with red wing tips that like to dive bomb people, but usually they just swoop near you and hiss. I definitely felt it touch my hair, and it freaked me out.

I wasn’t quite sure where to line myself up, since I really haven’t raced in years and didn’t recognize most of the women. I had a pre-race goal of 7:30s, but wanted to also just run hard by feel. The gun went off, and I felt like I got out to a good start. As we started to spread out over the first 1/2 mile, I counted and saw that I was in 13th.

Hit mile 1 in 7:13, which was a surprising start. I hadn’t looked at my watch at all until the mile mark, so I didn’t know I was running that fast. I tried to hold on, but hit mile 2 at 7:28. At some point in there, I moved up to 12th, but 11th had a good gap on me.

This course is 2.25 laps around the lake, so we run past the finish line twice. As we went past, I noticed that my husband and kids weren’t there and started to feel a little sorry for myself. (He had said he would try to come, but they are often difficult to get out the door). But as we rounded the corner around the lake, about 2.3 miles, I saw them across the street! I was so excited, and took a deep breath to yell my older daughter’s name to get their attention. I got to hear both girls yell “go Mommy” and it was just the boost I needed.

So, mile 3 has typically had some issues of being mismarked at this race. I hit the mile mark at 6:50 (21:32) and had a flash of excitement until I noticed my GPS wasn’t at 3 miles yet. But I knew at this point I was going to come in under 30 minutes, and I was excited to see my kids at the finish.

Because mile 3 was short, mile 4 was long and was clocked at 8:00. Using Sport Tracks, it looks like my pace for both “miles” was 7:22. I tried hard to run hard for the last mile and to run the tangents, but I did struggle a little bit because I had no one around me. (11th was 0:50 ahead and 13th was 0:19 back). My kids got distracted by a playground, so I didn’t get to hear “go Mommy” at the finish 🙁

Final time: 29:32. I had counted correctly, and was 12th. I ended up 3rd in my age group, continuing my streak of AG placements here. This also ended up being the 3rd fastest I’ve run here.

I was very pleased with my effort. Would’ve liked to have sustained the effort of the first mile a little more into the second mile, but still pretty happy with what I was able to do.


Previous years:
2004: 28:50
2005 – no report, 29:37
2006: 27:37
2008: 31:44

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