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The story behind the boot

With 21 years of running under my belt, I’m no stranger to hurting myself while running. Foot issues, IT band issues, glute issues, hip issues, hamstring issues, skinned knees, etc. While some of these injuries have derailed training and/or races, I’ve been fortunate that they didn’t necessitate much, if any, Read On..

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*tap tap* Is this thing on?

I said in my last post that I was getting bored of recapping, and apparently I found it so boring that I haven’t posted in an entire year. A long hiatus makes it hard to start blogging again, because I get so caught up on needing to document where I’ve Read On..

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PT Update

Earlier this month, I went back to finish my Runner’s Clinic Evaluation. Since my injury had flared up before the first appointment, the PT didn’t want to do the gait analysis. He had me come back after 2 weeks without running. He filmed me running on a treadmill, and made Read On..

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