66 Days to Form a Habit

Based on a quick Google search it takes on the average 66 days to form a habit. So I guess if I want to use my blog as an efficient training tool again, I had better get started.

My marathon this past weekend was my 29th marathon and my 48th marathon or longer (19 Ultras). I state this not to ring my bell, but rather present my only planned goal for the year, which is to finish my 50th marathon or more. Number 49 is coming up on Monday night, a 12-hour run in Bad Dürkheim, Germany. The course is not very exciting, a 776 meter loop around the town’s salt works and resort area, from 9 p.m. to 9 a.m., fun right. I picked this race because I knew that my training would be sporadic during this timeframe due to our house renovation. The race will easily allow me to accumulate at least a marathon distance without any real strain, at least if I don’t die of boredom first, or trip and fall on my face. Actually the run could end up being interesting, there are currently around 80 people signed up, I guess we will have lots of time to get to know another. And who knows, I may have a good day, or night as the case may be, and rack up some quality mileage.

In any case I am taking it easy this week, do only a few short recovery runs and trying to limit my remodeling activities, especially the few days before the event.

I also am thinking about my 50th marathon or more, as first choice I thought about doing the annual 50 mile race that is in our area in June, but my marathon last weekend showed me this may be a bit ambitious, I may stick to a 50 km trail race that I found that takes place at the beginning of June.

Renovating and Training for a Marathon

We are currently renovating our house so my blog writing will continue to be sporadic at best. The short run of the project is that we are turning part of the attached shed of our 200+ year old house into a new bathroom, office, guest bathroom and a small studio for my wife’s artistic tendencies. If the funds hold out we also want to redo the living and dining rooms. Some of the work is being done for us, some of it we are doing ourselves, it will probably take a year or two before we are completely finished.

Renovation 2012 - The Beginning

Despite our ambitious plans I have still been doing some training, and am running a marathon this weekend. As I am running only about 50% of the mileage (average 60 km/week) this year compared to what I usually do, I have set my goals really low for the marathon, e.g. my good day goal is around 4 ½ hours.

I am also signed up for a 12-hour race on April 30th-May 1 (May 1 is a holiday in Germany)…and yes I realize that is a week after the marathon and I am poorly trained. The 12-hour race takes place on a 776 meter looping course, and my only goal is to complete at least the marathon distance, and that I can do walking the whole thing with a 5 hour nap in between 😉

Happy Holdays

So my attempt to start blogging again have fallen along the wayside, much like the cross-training efforts that I also started a month or two ago. Life and job have been extremely busy and my discipline has wavered, but like an Ultra each bad mile is only a part of a collection of many good and bad, it’s the total that counts and in the end we get it together somehow.

I am currently training for a 6 –hour race in March, a benefit run for Downs Syndrome, a highly motivating race, just what I need to get me started next year.

For those of you that still read this I wish you the very best of holidays, enjoy the time with your families and friends, the food and the fun, there will be plenty of workouts waiting for you as the new year comes! God bless.