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Hi Everybody,
I started running in 2003 to lose weight, a picture of me on the beach with my almost 9 month pregnant daughter revealed matching stomachs, so I decided it was time to do something about it. The following year my co-workers challenged me to run my first race, an 8.9 km run around Kalrsruhe, Germany. Right away I was hooked, the next weekend I ran my first 10K, then another, and by the middle of the summer ran my first half-marathon. Anyway‚Ķthese days, almost 75 lbs lighter, I have seventy marathons or ultras behind me, and am looking forward to a few more. I am still slow, the neighborhood kids still snicker when I lumber by, but I bet I can burn anyone of them on a long run. In 2010 I completed my goal of running a 100 mile event, after 27+ hours I crossed the finish line. My new goal is to complete 100 marathons/ultras before hanging up my race shoes, it won’t be easy, my age is running against me, but you never get to the finish if you don’t keep moving.

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  1. Hi Jack, I was wondering if you could tell me where you purchased your ice cleats that you had pictured in one of your articles? I had the same pair but lost one recently and cannot find the same ones. Thank you very much, Tamara

  2. Hi Jack

    I’m moving from South Africa to Germany at the end of the month. I have only been running for a year but I have completed 3 marathons and want to continue running in Germany. Any favourite marathons or events you would recommend? Or any advice for running in Germany? I’m planning on starting with the Mannheim marathon in June.


  3. Hi Jack,

    My name is Cara, and I am with the community outreach team at Eventbrite. I’d love to connect with you about our current project. Please email me when you can,

    Talk soon,

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