Weekly Long Run

The weather on Sunday was cooler, as was much of the week, so I ran in the early afternoon. My long run last week was a little disappointing, so I was not sure what to expect as I set out on my 24 km (15 mi) run.

This time I still felt good at the 16 km (10 mi) point, not like last weekend. My pace did slowly decrease after this point, but only gradually. The last 2-3 kilometers were difficult, I really notice the lack of a good base training. I finished with an average pace of 6:34/km (10:35/mi), slightly better than the week before.

I still haven’t signed up for the marathon on September 22, there are still plenty of slots available and typically the race doesn’t sell out. I want to wait until I finish the next couple long runs before I make a decision. In any case if I run the marathon it will be only to finish, and will probably be my slowest marathon to date. I started training much to late and with only a minimum of base training.

In other news, I turned 60 this week, a new age group, and new challenges, as I try to redefine runinng at an age when many have long stopped. At this point I really don’t know how this journey will continue. I guess the coming weeks will have an impact on this, stay-tuned.