Another long run

The weekend remained cool, with lots of rain, but after several weeks of hot weather, refreshing. My legs were still tired when I woke up Saturday, my first long run in 6 months really took a toll on them. But once I got moving my legs gradually felt better, and by mid-afternoon I laced up and went for a run.

My legs were stiff as I set out over the fields, the first kilometer was a bit slower than I wanted, 6:31 /km (10:29/mi). I gradually increased the pace, ending my 10K loop with an average pace of 6:15/km (10:04/mi).

On Sunday afternoon I set out in drizzling rain for a longer loop, hoping to complete at least 16 km (10 mi). My legs felt better than the day before, so I quickly settled into roughly the same pace as during my long run last Thursday. My legs felt surprisingly good after 15 km , so I decided to add an extra loop. I ended up running 20K (12.5 mi), the same distance as Thursday.

What really surprised me though, was that I was only 1 SECOND slower than with Thursday’s run, finishing in 2:07:12. My legs were also in much better shape. On Thursday after the run I was hobbling around, but last night I didn’t really notice any discomfort.

All in all it was a very satisfying first week of training, but I will have to wait and see how the legs hold up as the distance increases.