Stutensee Town Run 2019

After missing my 50K race at the end of January, I slacked off with my training and having been running without a plan. In attempt to try to get back on track I decided to run a 10K race. A few of my Gymnastics Club were running the Stutensee Town Run on April 7th, so I decided to join them.

I really didn’t have a plan as I lined up with the 235 other runners, just run. I was familiar with the course, much of it I covered in my training runs over the years. The course is pretty flat, most of it over bike paths and fieldways, easy to run, good to race.

I gave my best efforts, but with no speed training, crossed the finish line in exactly 54 minutes, but 30 seconds slower the may 10K in October of 2018.

After the race I chatted with my gymnastics coach for awhile, her husband finished 3 minutes before me.