Race Report: The Pfälzer Forest Marathon 2018

The good news is that I finished the very hilly Pfälzer Forest Marathon in 5:16:53, only 11 minutes slower than the last time I ran the marathon in 2010.The down side is I was wiped out afterwards, and had to hobble to my hotel and face a restless night ahead of me, and many aching days thereafter.

The marathon course is one of the most beautiful that I have run in Germany. The course has some good climbs, beautiful wooded sections with fantastic views, and is about 85% logging or single-track trails. I found the organization very good, the fans enthusiastic and the overall experience well worth the drive to get there.

But the results of the marathon inspired me to continue training, and I want to prepare for a 50K race in January of 2019.

In any case I try to run 2-3 times a week, nothing long, just enough to keep the weight down. I have also joined a gymnastics club and work out with them 2-3 times a week, this has done wonders for my back.

Next year I will be 60, and I am trying to decide where I am going with my running. The years of running were very enjoyable, I made a lot of friends, but many of them no longer run, or limit themselves to just running for exercise. The body has slowed down, the recovery time for runs has grown longer, and the fire that propelled me forward all the years has grown dim. Like everything in life there is a time and a place, I only need to search the soul before I know where to go.