A new beginning or should I close the door

Blogging has fallen out the window again. Work has gotten the best of me the first half of the year and I never got going again. Now with over half the year behind me, I need to make a decision whether to start training for a marathon again or close the door.

There are two possible marathons in our area in September and one in October. Unfortunately I am missing a good base, and time is running short.

If I want to finish a marathon I have to seriously commit to it right away, or wait until next year. It is only 57 days until the first choice in Pirmasens, and 72 days until the marathon in Karlsruhe. The third choice, the Bottwartal Marathon on October 20th would give me more time, thus would be the logical choice.

I guess 4-5 years ago I would have run all of them 🙂

This weekend I want to try a long run, then I guess my perspective will be clearer.