The running year in review

It’s not quite the end of the year, but my race season has been over for a while, my last race being in June.

I ran four events this year. The first was a 6 hour charity run in March. I completed about 46 km with very little training. The lack of training was also a factor during my 50K run in May, the 1700 meters of elevation gain really kicked my butt. My third event was a night marathon in June. I was slightly better prepared for this, compared to the other two, and ran it a couple minutes faster than last year. The last event was a 2 hour charity run in July at our local church. This was a run for fun and to support the church youth group. Several from my sport club where I do the gymnastics also ran in the event.

Following these events I rested for a couple months, doing shorter runs and going to gymnastics/circuit training a couple times a week. Following a vist to New York at the beginning of November, I have now started to work on my base for next year.

My current training seems to be a mix of cross training and running:

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 1.5 hours gymnastics
Wednesday: 1 hour body fit training (easy circuit training)
Thursday: 12 km run (faster pace)
Friday: 1 hour circuit training (intensive – e.g. Crossfit without the barbells)
Saturday 8.10 km run (easy pace)
Sunday: Long run (currently 24 km)

The 2-3 sessions of gymnastics/cross training per week have helped improve my overall fitness. My upper body strength has improved, and I rarely have trouble with the pinched nerve in my back.

I have also changed my diet, reducing sugars and processed foods. Now if I can only learn to go to bed earlier I will be all set.

I hope that these changes will allow me to run marathons for a couple more years. In any case it is a good formula for a healthier life in senior years.

I am already signed up for my first race next year, a 6 hour charity run in March 2018. I have run this race several times, it is always a good event to start the new year.

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