2016 in Review, Looking at 2017

My 2016 running year began with good intentions and some vague goals, but no real plan. My first goal was a 6 hour benefit run in March, but my condition was so bad that I decided against this. My next goal was a 12 hour run in May, which I ran, but with no real hope or intention of completing the 12 hours, I basically ran the marathon distance and went home. In June was the local 80K (50 mile) race not far from where I live, but for the second year I opted for the shorter marathon distance. I finished, but decided that was enough for one year, I didn’t have enough appetite for another race.

This year I am getting back to the basics, weight loss and core training. To address both of these problems I am changing my traditional way of training. In December I signed up for a functional circuit training course at our local gymnastic club (Turner Verein – TV). This 1-hour high intensity training consists of a 10-15 minute warmup, followed by 2 rounds of 10-12 body weight exercises. As an example, one of the exercises was to do pushups for 45 seconds – while balancing your hands on a basketball – I highly recommend it. I am hoping that two nights of gymnastics per week, plus some weight training on my own, will improve my core strength and eventually lead improved performance in future races.

My running goals for 2017 are currently rather blurred, they will really depend on how successful my training is over the next few months.

Current weight: 81 kg (178 lbs)
Current long run: 18 km (11 mi) @ 6:40/km (10:44/mi)

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