Where have I been

I just left the following text in a comment on one of my favorite bloggers, so might as well post it here. I think as we pass the “half time” of our life this thinking dominates our lives as we realize our time on earth is really only a vapor, and we begin to reorganize our priorities to allow more time for what really matters. I have been reorganizing my priorities over the last couple years, less marathons, less time doing sports (although my wife says it is still more than what “normal” people do) and blogging has pretty much dropped off the horizon, although I still enjoy reading some of my favorite blogs.

In 2014 I reduced my training, and still ran several marathons and ultras:

March: 6 Hour World Down Syndrome Benefits Run – only ran 5 hours (45K)
April: 12 Hour Salt Works (Saline) Run – quit early, ran 55K
May: Westerwald 50K Race – 6:37:30
June: Pfalz Train Run – 72K in 10:30:00
June: Fidelitas Night Run – 80K (50 Miles) 11:19:00
July: Hornisgrinde Trail Marathon – 4:56:38
September: Adirondack Marathon (NY) – 5:21:46

This year will probably be less, I am currently training for a 6 hour Benefits Run on March 15, but just for fun.

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  1. While I miss reading about your adventures, I absolutely understand! Take care my friend and please leave this blog up so I can let you know when my husband and I finally make a trip to Germany! Be well!

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