Recovery Week

The body is healing nicely from the race last weekend. I had a lot of chafing from the wet clothing coming in contact with various areas of the body, the worst being the waistline on my backside. In most cases applying Vaseline before a race prevents this, but due to the wet conditions this eventually became ineffective, and I did not bring any with me to reapply.

I went for a short recovery run last night, an easy 6K (3.7 mi), just enough to loosen up the muscles a bit. Tonight I want to run the short loop (8K/5mi) with my running club, than probably do cross-training until the weekend.

I mentioned in my last few posts that my training was hardly adequate to run a good race. In my peak years (2008-2010), I was running 80-100 kilometers per week for 5-6 months prior to this race, with at least 10-12 hilly long runs and almost weekly speed training. This year, in comparison, I averaged 50-60 per week with no hilly long runs and not speed training. The only hilly runs I did this year prior to the race were two other hilly ultras. My last training long run was in April, since then the only distance runs I did were 3 ultras, including the two hilly ones.

When I consider the training that I have done this year, plus the fact that I am 7-8 kilograms heavy than normal, my race results for this year have not been so bad. In any case it shows me that I only get what I am willing to put into it, e.g. mediocre training = mediocre results.

I of course have race plans for the rest of the summer, my target race is a 90K trail race at the end of August. My thoughts now are how to best use the approximately 7 weeks of training that I have until the event. There are a couple trail marathons this month that could provide useful training opportunities, or I could also return to my hilly training trails and start pounding the quads back into shape.