A bit of pre-race jitters

For the first time in many years I find myself getting pre-race jitters over the 80K race on Saturday night. Really there is no logical reason for this, I have run the race 7 times previously, and it will be my 61st marathon or more, I should have no apprehension whatsoever. But I do, much like a student who failed to properly prepare for an exam.

Confidence is gained through solid training, and that is exactly where the problem lies, I have trained, but the training I did was minimal, around 50-60 kilometers a week with no hill or speed training. Based on my race experience, and performance thus far this year, I am pretty confident that I will complete the race, but I know it will not be easy and that I need to run a very smart race to prevent failure.

As is true with almost every race, I already have my sights on the NEXT race, or series of races as the case may be:
• July 12 – Bärenfels 63K Trail in Neubrücke, Germany
• July 19 –Night52 Ultra (52K) in Bretten, Germany
• August 23 – Wolff Sports 90K Ultra Trail in Nürnberg, Germany
• September 14 – Pfälzer Forest Marathon in Pirmasens, Germany
And, if all works out:
• September 28 – The Adirondack Marathon in Schroon Lake, NY, USA

Last night’s training: Rest day

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