Looking back

Last night I had nice run with RB, she got home later than normal from work, so we ran a shorter loop. I ran the long way around town to her house to add a couple kilometers, so at least got my planned mileage in (10K). Yesterday was one of the warmest days we have had this year, around 27°C. We really felt this during the run, as we aren’t acclimatized to the “heat” yet. Fortunately it is supposed to cool down again before my race next Wednesday, not that it really matters, the race starts at 9 p.m.!

Next month marks the 10th anniversary that I have been running races. My first race was the Baden Mile, an 8.88889 km run around the city of Karlsruhe here in Germany. I owe my “running career” to the prompting from one of my coworkers who talked me into running with the company team that participates in this event each year. I haven’t run the event for a few years, but to mark my 10th anniversary of running races I signed up and will run the Baden Mile on May 11th as part of our company team.

Next year will be the 10th year that I have been running marathons and to commemorate the occasion I am thinking about rerunning the first marathon that I ran, which was in Mannheim, Germany.

Times have changed since then, I was rereading my blog entries from 2005 last night, it is quite amusing (now) how much anxiety I went through the final weeks before my first marathon.

Next week I plan on running a 12-hour race, but about the only anxiety that I really have is if I get off work in time to make it to the event before the race starts (we have a late meeting at work). I do wish that I was better prepared, two years ago I ran the race with expectations of running a 100+ kilometers, but a storm knocked out the power after 4 ½ hours and they had to cancel the race. This year I know I will need to have a really good day just to reach 80 kilometers (50 mi), but I will give it my best anyway.