Running Club Night

Last night I ran the 11.2 km (7 mi) loop with my running club. Usually I run with my Running Buddy (RB), but she had to work late, so I ran with Conny and Crew (CC). We ran the first couple kilometers at around 6:00 min/km (9:39/mi), a minute faster than I run with RB, but fine for me. At around km 3 a couple of the CC group started running intervals, but I stayed back with 2 remaining members, with my 12-hour race a week away, there is no need to overdo it.

At the 5K point the two ladies I was running with broke off and took the shorter running trail back, and I picked up the pace some and eventually caught the rest of the CC group as they slowed between intervals. Shortly after they took off on another 800 meter interval and I figured I wouldn’t see them again until after the run. Much to my surprise they stopped and walked after the interval, so I again caught up and passed them, and remained ahead until the end of the run. I ended up with a faster than normal run, but managed to avoid blowing out my legs a week before race day.

I plan on running 2-3 more times before the race, probably the same distance as last night. Over the weekend I need to try to rest and catch up on my sleep, this will do more good than more mileage.