Running toward Easter

After two days of rest I laced up and ran 16 km (10 mi) last night. Our spring weather took a dip yesterday, it was only 9°C, compared to 20°C+ on Saturday. As I headed out I realized right away that I was under dressed in my long sleeve shirt and running shorts, the wind chilled me to the bone, I wasted no time getting over the fields and into the protection of the forest behind. By this time I already had 4 km behind me, at a speed that I hadn’t planned on, so decided to keep the pace going. I finished my 16 km (10 mi) run in about 1 ½ hours, around 8-10 minutes faster than I have been running this distance lately, very satisfying to say the least.

Tonight I want to run with RB, she has to work later than normal, so can’t make it to our running club run, so I offered to wait for her and we can run from our village. On Thursday I plan on another 16 km run, but will probably keep the pace down a bit. With my 12 hour event in two weeks I need to think about tapering a bit, or at least not destroying my legs by running faster than I’m used to lately.

This weekend is Easter weekend, which means in Germany that we have Friday and Monday free. I am trying to plan my running so that I am not running on Easter Sunday, as we are invited for afternoon coffee and afterwards dinner at some friends. I am also hoping to go on a bicycle trip on Friday or Monday with some friends from my running club, but the weather is not looking promising.