Coming Out of Hibernation

Actually I haven’t been sleeping, I have been looking at blogging languorously, having no particular inclination of putting my thoughts on the information highway. With race season slowly winding done I thought I would break the silence and do a short summary of the year to date.

I have been running and training, albeit with less enthusiasm and only about half the mileage as previous years.I haven’t run any marathons yet, rather I shuffled through several ultra-marathons:

March: Word Down Syndrome 6-Hour Benefit Run – 44.7 km (only ran 5 hours 15 minutes)
May: Westerwald 50K Ultra – 7:08:10
June: Schefflenzer 50K Ultra – 6:53:28
June: Fidelitas 80K Night Run (50 miles) 10:46:24
July: Bretten Night52 52K Ultra – 6:45:29

My finish times have suffered due to the lack of training, but as they say you get what you train for, I’m okay with this.

I’m signed up for the Baden Marathon in nearby Karlsruhe on September 22nd, the last marathon or more for this year. I had intended to race this race, but never started my 4 hour training plan, so a few weeks ago I started looking around for a new adventure, something a bit out of the ordinary, and something I can do within the limits of my slothful training.

He who seeks will find, in the form of the “25. Deutsche Meisterschaften der Deutsche Ultramarathon Vereinigung (DUV) im 24h-Lauf” which roughly translates to the German Ultramarathon Consortium 25th Annual 24 Hour German Championship Run. Although this is a run for the best 24 hour runners in Germany, it is also an open run, which means normal mortals can also run in 1.2 kilometer circles for up to 24 hours, I mean why should elite runners have all the fun.

Yes you read this right, the course is approximately 1.2 kilometers (0.75 miles), flat, asphalt, in a park, about as boring a run as you can imagine. So why on earth am I going to run this you may ask, especially when I will probably end up with about half the distance of the elite runners? The answer is: no good reason, and to be honest I try not to think about it too much or I may talk myself out of it by the weekend. Regardless of the sanity of this race, I am lining up at 10 a.m. on Saturday with 100+ other assorted crazies and we are going to see who submits to boredom first. I’m sure there will be a few, like myself, that will be wowed as we are lapped time and time again by runners attempting to set a new German record. And regardless how much mileage I accumulate, one thing is sure, I still get the same finisher shirt! I’ll let you know how it goes.

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  1. These kind of races may sound insane, but in actual fact I find them very enjoyable. You don’t get the stunning views from mountain tops that you would get from trail ultras, but they are very sociable events as you continuously meet all the other runners on the road and the camaraderie is always great.

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