My first 12-Hour Race: A Bust

On April 30th I lined up with around 70 other runners for the first running of the Bad Dürkheimer Salinenlauf, a 12-Hour race run around a flat 776 meter loop in the middle of the town of Bad Dürkheim. I was on track for meeting my goal of 100 kilometers, but alas my plans were dashed as a storm came through and took out the power, flooded the finish area, and basically blew away anything not tied down. The organizer regrettably cancelled the race after 4 hours and 40 minutes. Most of the runners were storm-proof veterans who would have kept going, but without support (and official timing), all but two diehards packed up and went home.
In any case I was running much too slow, I finished with less than 38 kilometers (23 miles), less than a marathon, thus it did not qualify as my 49th marathon as planned. In any case I am already signed up for an alternative for my 49th marathon, the Schefflenzer 50K Ultra on June 2. The Ultra is a good mixture of field and forest trails, in a very beautiful part of Germany, just above Heilbronn – almost the exact opposite from the rather boring 776 meter round course that the 12-Hour race offered.