Renovating and Training for a Marathon

We are currently renovating our house so my blog writing will continue to be sporadic at best. The short run of the project is that we are turning part of the attached shed of our 200+ year old house into a new bathroom, office, guest bathroom and a small studio for my wife’s artistic tendencies. If the funds hold out we also want to redo the living and dining rooms. Some of the work is being done for us, some of it we are doing ourselves, it will probably take a year or two before we are completely finished.

Renovation 2012 - The Beginning

Despite our ambitious plans I have still been doing some training, and am running a marathon this weekend. As I am running only about 50% of the mileage (average 60 km/week) this year compared to what I usually do, I have set my goals really low for the marathon, e.g. my good day goal is around 4 ½ hours.

I am also signed up for a 12-hour race on April 30th-May 1 (May 1 is a holiday in Germany)…and yes I realize that is a week after the marathon and I am poorly trained. The 12-hour race takes place on a 776 meter looping course, and my only goal is to complete at least the marathon distance, and that I can do walking the whole thing with a 5 hour nap in between 😉