Slowly Increasing the Mileage

The autumn weather that we have been having is quickly changing to the first signs of winter, frosted windows on cars in the morning, near freezing temperatures and piles of leaves on the running trails. A great time of the year to run, really, and that is just what I have been doing, slowly picking up the mileage from a total of around 50 miles last month to 27 miles last week.

In comparison to a year ago my pace is very sluggish, probably a result of a still annoying pinched nerve in the back, a total lack of speed training for nearly two years and maybe even a bit of burn-out. I would like to try to bring my speed back up to what it used to be, but in the moment I not willing to put the work into it. I’m sure when the snow begins to melt after winter, the competitive juices will begin flowing like the sap in the trees, but for now I’m satisfied running with friends and enjoying the journey.