Are Ultrarunners lousy bloggers?

I am still having trouble dropping back into my blogging routine…Mark at Mark Tanaka’s Trail and Ultra Running Blog logged an entry the other day that pretty much sums up my feelings about blogging lately:
“Obvious to me for quite some time, but increasingly so as the problem continues to worsen– blogging about ultrarunning is inherently difficult.
If I have time to blog, then I have time to run. Because of my schedule and a general lack of time to run as much as I’d like, if I have time to run, I need to take advantage of it. For those who don’t run ultras, training runs usually take hours, and many ultrarunners get addicted to racing…”

From my perspective I’ve never met an ultrarunner that is NOT addicted to racing, but I guess there must be a few out there 😉
In any case I will try to get back to somewhat of a blogging routine, after all the main purpose that I started blogging was to document my training for my own reference…